Kevlacat 2400 Series 6.5 Metre

Kevlacat 2400 Series 6.5 Metre

Kevlacat 2400 Series built to meet the needs of serious offshore fishermen

Based on the ever-popular 6.2m model, Kevlacat designed the 6.5 metre Offshore Series 2400 to meet the needs of the serious sports fisherman, with a drier and softer ride. With the fuel capacity and sea-keeping ability to venture far offshore while still being trailerable, the 6.5m opens up endless opportunities for the travelling angler. The all new 6.5m is designed to meet your requirements and more.

To build the ultimate power boat for fishing in deep water, Kevlacat’s design and construction (that includes bulkheads hull to hull) utilise Kevlar Cloth between layers of fibreglass. We use Kevlar exclusively in ALL hulls and at Kevlacat with vinylester resins. Our symmetric hull design ensures that your Kevlacat provides you with a safe, comfortable ride in the most demanding sea conditions.

A Fishing Platform Built with Space-age Materials

We combine our advanced hull design with the latest electronics, engines and monitoring tools for the most enjoyable boating experience. If you’re looking for a substantial fishing platform built with space-age materials, the Kevlacat Series 2400 is the boat for you!

Same Stuff the SWAT Teams Wear to Work

Kevlacat has been at the forefront of the evolution of the modern-day fishing cat for more than 20 years. Far from building its boats from balsa and reeds, it uses the same stuff the SWAT teams wear to work – Aramid Fibre, or Kevlar as it is commonly known even though this is a brand name owned by DuPont.

For more information visit the Kevlacat 2400 Series website.

Please Note: Specifications and standard inclusions can change without notice. Please check at time of purchase. E&OE.

Trailering the Kevlacat 2400 Series is a Breeze

Trailering is a breeze, the KEVLACAT package includes a custom built trailer designed to minimise hassles at the boat ramp. Full drive-on, drive-off capability make short handed trips a real alternative. Power boosted disc brakes on all four wheels, ‘Alko’ independent suspension and water proof wheel bearings are all standard. The 6.5 metre is easily trailered with a 4WD.

The standard features of the 6.5 include two large seat pedestals, one as a full length ice box and the other side is half an ice box and storage, fitted with Relax seats, plus extra seating for two. Every aspect of the new 6.5 has been carefully thought out and many hours of research and development has made the 6.5 what it is today.

The 6.5 metre is available in a soft top version or a hardtop version. This model is more than capable of handling the new four stroke outboards and is best suited with a pair of 115HP out board motors. This vessel is also available in Survey and is the best offshore fishing vessel in her class.

Hull Length
6.5 Metres
7.68 Metres
2.5 Metres
0.4 Metres
On Trailer 2500Kg
Kevlacat composite construction
2 x single berths
Large insulated fish & Drinks storage boxes
Cruise speed of 25knts / WOT speed 45knts
Drive on/off trailer
Lockable fwd cabin
Built in battery parallel switch
Bait Storage
Built in live bait tank

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