Kevlacat 3400 Series 9.0 Metre

Kevlacat 3400 Series 9.0 Metre

Kevlacat 3400 Series has always been a popular boat among professional fisherman

The Kevlacat 3400 Series 9.0 Metre features a wide 3.2m beam which translates to a massive amount of deck space. A feature which has not gone unnoticed by commercial operators over the years. This has always been a popular boat among professional fisherman due to its unparalleled stability and performance. The extra beam on the 8.2 Metre is noticeable internally with plenty of room to fit all the amenities for a weekend at sea.

Proven Popular In The Recretional Sector

In recent times however, the 9.0 has also been popular with the recreational sector with a cabin configuration to suit all requirements available. Whether it be an enclosed hardtop, open hardtop or cuddy cab, there is sure to be a layout that suits. Reef marine specialises in power options from Yamaha and Suzuki Outboards.

Same Stuff the SWAT Teams Wear to Work

Kevlacat has been at the forefront of the evolution of the modern-day fishing cat for more than 20 years. Far from building its boats from balsa and reeds, it uses the same stuff the SWAT teams wear to work – Aramid Fibre, or Kevlar as it is commonly known even though this is a brand name owned by DuPont.

For more information, you can visit Kevlacat 3400 Series website.

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Kevlacat 3400 Series Uses Kevlar Materials

The hull is constructed of glass reinforced vynelester and polyester isothalic resin and chopstrand, reinforced with two layers of Kevlar unidirectional material, layered up to U.S.L. specifications. All bulkheads and bearers are made from G.R.P. reinforced and laminated to the hull with stiffeners. Balsa reinforcing to forward section of the tunnel. The transom is reinforced to 50mm thick to take all types of stern drive engines. Superstructure F.R.P. chopped strand glass and divinycell core construction.

Kevlacat 3400 Series Brochure
Hull Length
9.0 Metres
10.2 Metres
3.2 Metres
0.6 Metres
900 Litres
120 Litres

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