Yamaha Four Stroke HIGH THRUST 9.9HP Outboard Engine

Yamaha Four Stroke HIGH THRUST 9.9HP Outboard Engine

The high-thrust FT9.9 has been specifically designed to provide the extra grunt when you need to move big loads such as sailboats and heavy pontoons. Utilising a dual-thrust design the FT9.9 produces twice the thrust of comparable two-strokes within the 2,000 to 3,000 RPM range, while delivering Yamaha’s the legendary reliability, durability, and efficiency that Yamaha Outboards are renown for.

The key mechanical difference between the FT9.9 and the standard four-stroke platform is the use of a higher 2.92:1 gear ratio. This allows the FT9.9 to spin a much larger propeller, generating more power to the water and resulting in less slippage. The T9.9 comes standard with Yamaha’s patented Dual Thrust propeller that provides maximum traction in both forward and reverse, by re-routing the exhaust in the opposite direction when in reverse. For additional on-water flexibility, the FT9.9 is also available with a power tilt option.

Yamaha T9.9 Half
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212cc Two-Cylinder

The four-valve, two-cylinder, single overhead camshaft delivers sufficient torque in the low to mid speed ranges, delivering a highly responsive and smooth running performance.

Easy Start Decompression Device

For easy pull starting, this engine features an auto decompression device fitted to the camshaft. This system releases pressure in the cylinder when the manual pull start is engaged, allowing for light and convenient pull starting.

Ergonomic Carry and Control Handles

Large comfortable grips located on the front and back of the engine make carrying, mounting and removing the engine easier. The tiller handle folds neatly back to make the engine even more compact for carrying and storage.

Ergonomic Shift lever and Tiller Handle

The new, large and comfortable twist-grip throttle allows easy control of the engine, while the side-mounted shift selector provides added user convenience. Combined with the integrated kill switch and throttle cable, the tiller delivers superb handling and manoeuvrability.

Fresh Water Flushing System

Simply connect a hose to the easy access, front-mounted connector (optional) - to flush salt and dirt from the outboard without having to run the engine. Flushing the engine after each usage reduces corrosion and extends the engines life.

Labyrinth Exhaust System

Yamaha’s proven labyrinth exhaust system reduces engine noise at low RPM and idle. A water sealed outer wall around the exhaust muffler effectively reduces exhaust tone for whisper quiet operation and enhances cooling which protects the exhaust system against corrosion.

Manual Tilt Shallow Water Drive

This engine features a three-step shallow water drive system, which is extremely useful for tackling Australia’s shallow rivers, estuaries, creeks and when coming to shore.

One-Piece Cowling

This engine features a one-piece outer cowling design with an intake air drain system, to efficiently drain away any water that enters the cowling during normal engine operation. Incoming air is routed through a labyrinth of passages that help trap and drain water before it enters the engine’s intake, for maximum reliability.

Prime Start

Exclusive to Yamaha, PrimeStart TM makes starting a Yamaha outboard as easy as starting a car. It allows the engine to be started cold by automatically controlling the engine ‘warming up’ process - eliminating the need for a conventional choke or the need to ‘warm up’ your engine by revving it in neutral.

Rest Pad for Vertical Storage

The special rest-pads allow the engine to be laid down on its back vertically. Alternatively, you can lay the engine on its side.

Engine Type

4-Stroke, SOHC In-line 2

Bore x Stroke (mm)

56 x 43

Displacement (cc)


Fuel Management




OEDA Emission Rating


Lubrication System


Alternator Output

12V – 6A with Rectifier Regulator (Optional)

Gear Ratio

2.08 : 1

Starter System


Operation Method

Tiller handle

Trim & Tilt Method

Manual tilt

Fuel Tank Capacity (l)

User Selectible

Digital Guages



S: 431 [17.0] | L: 562 [22.0]


S: 40 | L: 41

Yamaha F9.9

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