Yamaha Four Stroke 25HP Outboard Engine

Yamaha Four Stroke 25HP Outboard Engine

The exciting new F25 delivers the weight and performance you would expect from a two-stroke, with all of the advantages that comes with Yamaha’s industry-leading four-stroke technologies. 

This new generation outboard is not only an improvement on the four-stroke model it replaces, but also exceeds the all-round capabilities of Yamaha’s legendary 25N two-stroke outboard.

For the first-time in Yamaha’s four-stroke history, the new F25 comes with battery-less fuel injection – delivering easier starts, better fuel economy and an improved overall operating performance.

Through smart design, the new compact F25 is now the lightest 25 horsepower outboard in its class - 20Kg lighter than its four-stroke predecessor and less than 10 kg heavier than Yamaha’s 25N two-stroke.

This engine comes packed with additional features including Yamaha’s variable trolling and YCOP remote security and is compatible with Yamaha’s range of command link gauges.

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432cc Two-Cylinder

The four-valve, two-cylinder, Single Overhead Camshaft delivers sufficient torque from low to mid speed ranges for a quick response and smooth running.

Battery-Less Fuel Injection

The F25 is the first battery-less fuel injection system in Yamaha’s four-stroke range, making engine set-up more simple and convenient for pull-start models. The system takes into account engine requirements to achieve maximum engine performance including ‘first-time, every-time’ hot and cold starting.performance including ‘first-time, every-time’ hot and cold starting.

Digital Gauges Compatible

The F25 is fully compatible with Yamaha's Digital Network Gauges (Command Link), giving you the information needed to maximise engine performance and efficiency. This engine is also NMEA2000 compatible allowing the F20 to share information with third party multi-function displays, GPS and fish finders.

Fresh Water Flushing System

Simply connect a hose to the easy access connector to flush salt and dirt from the outboard without having to run the engine. Flushing the engine after each usage reduces corrosion and extends the engines life.

High-Output Alternator

A 16 Amp high-output alternator ensures that power is always available to start the engine, even after long periods of idling or running at low revs. This not only provides extra starting power, but delivers sufficient power to run the wide array of on-board electronic devices used in modern boating. (Battery charging kit optional)

Optional Multi-Function Tiller

With the latest technologies, ergonomic design and features, Yamaha's Multi-Function Tiller Handle delivers effortless control, maneuverability and comfort. Trim, shift, throttle, stop switch, variable trolling and integrated overheating and low oil pressure warning alerts are also built into the handle.

Power Tilt

Yamaha’s push-button control makes engine tilt adjustments quick, smooth and easy, across a wide range (Power Tilt model only).

Variable Trolling Control

Yamaha’s variable trolling control allows you to precisely adjust the engine’s idling speed from 750 to 1050 RPM, in 50 RPM increments. The ability to finely tune the trolling speed allows fisherman to perfect their lure presentation when chasing different species of fish.

Wide Span Mounting System

The large rubber mounts and the wide length between the mounts help to reduce engine vibration.

Mechanical Steering Control

The F20 has the choice between tiller or forwards mechanical control options.

Anti-Corrosion Paint System

Yamaha engines are known for their durability and high re-sale value. Part of this lies in the anti-corrosion protection. A unique YDC-30 aluminium alloy and 5-stage exterior paint coating process protects the engine's exterior parts, while high-quality, marine-grade stainless steel componentry is used through-out.

Engine Type

4-Stroke, SOHC In-line 2

Bore x Stroke (mm)

65 x 65.1

Displacement (cc)


Fuel Management




OEDA Emission Rating


Lubrication System


Alternator Output

12V – 16A with Rectifier Regulator (Battery Charging Kit Optional)

Gear Ratio

2.08 : 1

Starter System

Manual (MH), Electric (W, C)

Operation Method

Tiller handle (MH), Multifunction Tiller Optional (C), Remote control (W, C)

Trim & Tilt Method

Manual Tilt (MH, W), Power Tilt (C)

Fuel Tank Capacity (l)

User Selectible

Digital Guages



S: 424 [16.7] | L: 551 [21.7]


S(MH): 57 | L(MH): 59 | S(W): 62 | L (W): 64

Conventional - 6Y5 Round Gauges

Yamaha’s conventional digital multi-function gauges provide the real-time data required to maximise outboard performance and fuel efficiency. The two and three gauge illuminated display options provide rpm, trim, oil, speed, distance, time, overheating, battery, fuel economy/flow/consumption stats.

Command Link - 6Y8 Round Gauges

Using Local Area Network (LAN) technology, these digital round gauges provide accurate and real-time tachometer, speed and fuel management stats, including fuel flow/consumption/economy (up to two tanks), trim level, battery voltage, push button trolling speed adjustments and more.

Command Link - 6YC High Definition Gauge

This high definition, colour display uses Local Area Network (LAN) technology to deliver accurate and real-time stats for single and twin engine setups. The customisable day/night gauge delivers information on fuel flow/ economy/ consumption, trim level, battery charge, speed, push button trolling and more.

703 Side-Mounted Control

One of Yamaha's best selling controls, this mechanical remote offers comfort, simplicity and flexibility. With its new ergonomic grip, reversible right-hand or left-hand installation, and convenient trim and tilt operation, this control offers all-round functionality and value.

6x3 Concealed Side-Mounted Control

With its stylish chrome finish and ergonomic design, this mechanical control not only looks good, but provides effortless one-hand operation. The trim and tilt switch is comfortably located on the handle and features easily accessible neutral warm-up controls and externally adjustable throttle friction.

704 Premium Single Binnacle Control

This highly-polished, stylish looking, top mounted control allows for effortless one-handed control. The ergonomic design features a thumb operated trim and tilt switch built into the handle, as well as shift and throttle control functions, for convenient and comfortable operation.

Genuine Yamaha Propellers

Prop choice makes a huge difference to outboard acceleration, top-end speed, handling and fuel efficiency. That is why Yamaha continues to push the technological boundaries in the design and development of our leading range of high performance props - ensuring every Yamaha outboard performs at its peak.

Alloy White J Series

These props deliver Yamaha's high-quality design and performance in a low-cost, lightweight propeller. They offer a good all-round choice for Yamaha outboards, coming in a wide range of sizes and pitches to suit every power requirement.

Remote Control Security System

Yamaha's optional Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP) engine immobiliser system is easy to use and highly effective in stopping unauthorised start-ups when your boat is unattended.

Multifunction Tiller Handle

With the latest technologies, ergonomic design and features, Yamaha's optional Multi-Function Tiller Handle delivers effortless control, maneuverability and comfort. Trim, shift, throttle, stop switch, variable trolling and integrated overheating and low oil pressure warning alerts are all built into the handle.


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