Yamaha Four Stroke 2.5HP Outboard Engine

Yamaha Four Stroke 2.5HP Outboard Engine

Small in size, but big in performance, the F2.5, single cylinder, four-stroke engine provides an extremely lightweight and portable engine for smaller craft.

This versatile and compact unit includes a handy carry handle making moving and installing this engine effortless, while the smart leak-free design allows the engine to be safely and conveniently stored on its front, right or left side.

With its new stylish round cowling, improved combustion efficiency and lower emissions output, the F2.5 not only looks great, but delivers Yamaha’s legendary reliability, fuel efficiency and smooth running performance. 

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72cc Single-Cylinder

This twin valve, single-cylinder, compact four-stroke engine produces clean exhaust gas with high combustion efficiency.

360° Full Pivot Steering

steering offers exceptional manoeuvrability and means you can use full reverse thrust without having to shift gears. While the new, larger, rear carrying handle makes steering in reverse more convenient.

Built-in See Through Fuel Tank

The handy 1.1 Litre built-in fuel tank is extremely convenient for transport and allows uncluttered deck space in small boats. The semi-transparent tank makes it easy to fill and to check fuel levels. A built-in internal primer pump allows for easy pull starting.

Easy Grip Knobs

This engine has been developed with full-size and easy to reach starter, gearshift and choke knobs - making engine operation more convenient and comfortable.

Easy Start Decompression Device

This engine features an auto decompression device for easy pull starting. This system releases pressure in the cylinder when the manual pull start is engaged, allowing for light and convenient pull starting.

Ergonomic Carry and Control Handles

Large comfortable grips located on the front and back of the engine make carrying, mounting and removing the engine easy. The tiller handle folds neatly back to make the engine even more compact for carrying and storage.

Oil Leak Prevention System

Yamaha's oil leak prevention system allows the engine to be stored safely on its front, left or right side. This means you no longer have to worry about oil leakage when carrying the engine in the boot of your car or while the engine is in storage.

Single Action Steering Friction

Steering friction can easily be adjusted while out on the water, providing great stability and control, even at higher speeds.

Three way storage

With its special leak-free oil storage system and tuck away tiller handle, you can safely lie the engine on its front, right or left side for convenient transportation and storage.

Anti Corrosion Paint System

Yamaha engines are known for their durability and high re-sale value. Part of this lies in the anti-corrosion protection. A unique YDC-30 aluminium alloy and 5-stage exterior paint coating process protects the engine's exterior parts, while high-quality stainless steel componentry throughout the engine, offers long-lasting protection.

Engine Type

4-Stroke, OHV, 1-cylinder

Bore x Stroke (mm)

56 x 31.5 mm

Displacement (cc)

72.0 cc

Fuel Management




OEDA Emission Rating


Lubrication System

Splash lubrication system

Alternator Output


Gear Ratio

2.08 : 1

Starter System

Manual Choke

Operation Method

Tiller handle

Trim & Tilt Method

Manual tilt

Fuel Tank Capacity (l)

0.9 L

Digital Guages



F2.5AMHS : 432 mm (17 in)


F2.5AMHS : 17 kg

Yamaha F2.5


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